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Emperors New Clothes

Clothing for todayís renaissance man.

We are now on Etsy.  New items are being posted every few days. If you donít find what you want, would like a different color or, size, Contact us, we may have one and not posted it yet.

Emperors New Clothes has been serving the Sca and Renn Fair community since  1986. We specialize in high quality period clothing for men and women. Our in stock line of clothing including shirts, pants, tunics, chemises, and skirts as well as leather belts pouches and accessories. We also make a line of Arabian clothing for both men and  women.

Some items are best made to order because a high quality personalized  fit is required to make the garment look its best. These  include menís and womenís Doublets, dresses such as the coathardie or Irish dress, bodices and tightly fitted coats such as the ghawazee.

We make gambesons for both heavy weapons and fencing. Heavy weapons gambisons are available in several styles, made from 100% cotton twill  and are padded with 100% cotton batting. By making gambisons to order we can put extra padding where you need it. For fencers we make doublets that meet the 500 Newton arming requirements. Available in brocades, velvet, leather, or most any fabric you choose.

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